The 74th Annual Meeting will be held in Ponte Vedra, FL at the Ponte Vedra Club & Inn on April 22 - 26, 2015 (Wednesday - Sunday).  Ed and Ceci Birk will be our hosts and want everyone to know that just about every room will be beach front access.   Get that body in shape!  Registration forms will be emailed around January 5, 2015 along with a hardcopy placed in the mail. 

The 75th Annual Meeting will take place in Monterey, CA at the Monterey Plaza on April 20 - 25, 2016.  Steve and Linda Gurnee will be our Meeting Hosts.  The downtown location of the Monterey Plaza allows everyone to step out of the hotel at any time to explore shops, restaurants and historical sites.  The planned trips to Carmel will certainly be one of the top memories of this meeting.  You never know when Clint Eastwood will show up!

If you have any questions relative to the meeting at this time, please contact Peggy Schultz, Executive Director at