80th ADTA Annual Meeting - It's Time to Register


Registration is now open for the 80th ADTA Annual Meeting in Asheville, NC on August 11-15, 2021. A hard copy of the brochure is being mailed to your home. Currently you can click on the image below to review and print the brochure.  You can then complete this registration form and send in with your check or scan to pschultz@adtalaw.com within ten (10) days. Online registration and payment are now available for Members only. 

It is our hope that all ADTA members will attend the meeting in person for a long overdue reunion with friends.

Please note that all Grove Park room reservations are made through the ADTA.

About ADTA

An ADTA prime membership is, in essence, a statement of the high regard in which defense trial attorneys are held by his or her peers in the defense trial bar of their city and state or province.