ADTA Member Conrad Anderson Obtained Defense Verdict on Behalf of Lhoist North America


ADTA member Conrad Anderson, Balch & Bingham LLP in Birmingham, Alabama recently obtained a defense verdict on behalf of Lhoist North America in a two week jury trial in Shelby County, Alabama.
The plaintiff, an employee of a subcontractor, alleged that he inhaled lime dust while performing maintenance work at Lhoist’s plant. He claimed that the lime dust caused severe respiratory injuries leading to a permanent tracheostomy and permanent disfigurement. He has been ventilator dependent and bed-ridden since 2011. He alleged that Lhoist was negligent in failing to ensure that he was properly trained, failing to provide appropriate personal protective equipment, and failing to adequately monitor and maintain the premises. The plaintiff presented testimony from seven treating physicians who believed that his injury and condition were the result of his inhalation of lime dust. In closing, the plaintiff asked the jury to award $25 million.
Conrad and his trial team presented expert testimony from a pulmonologist and psychiatrist explaining that the plaintiff’s injuries were inconsistent with an occupational exposure, and that the plaintiff had a significant psychiatric history that better explained his condition. After only an hour and a half of deliberations, the jury returned a verdict for the defendant Lhoist.

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