ADTA President Lori V. Berke Honored


ADTA President Lori V. Berke Honored for Her Role in Advancement of Women in the Legal Profession

Talk about continuing the tradition of excellence!  

ADTA President Lori V. Berke has been named as co-recipient of this year’s DRI Mary Massaron Award for the Advancement of Women in the Legal Profession.  Lori shares this honor with sister organization Presidents of DRI, FDCC and IADC during the 2019-2020 year, all of whom are ADTA members:  DRI President-Elect Emily Coughlin, FDCC President Elizabeth Lorell and IADC President Amy Fischer.


DRI will present Lori and her co-recipients with the award at DRI’s Women in the Law Seminar Awards Luncheon on January 23, 2020 in Scottsdale, AZ.
DRI created the award and named it for DRI Past-President Mary Massaron, the second woman to lead the DRI as president. This award is presented annually to a DRI member who is an innovator and role model and who has made significant efforts to advance women in the legal profession, as well as demonstrated a high regard for diversity, and a commitment to inclusion and promotion of women, fostering women’s initiatives, and promoting positive mentoring relationships with other women in the legal profession.
Mary Massaron, also an ADTA member, served as only the second woman president of the DRI.  She also served as the first woman president of Lawyers for Civil Justice. Her leadership in the legal profession is one of the hallmarks of her career.
We’re proud of you, Lori! 

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