ADTA 2023 Annual Meeting Photos and Foundation Basket Winners

The ADTA Charleston Annual Meeting is now in the history books but you can tour the memories here for a limited time.

2025 Foundation Basket Fundraiser Winners


We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in the First Annual ADTA Foundation Auction—those who graciously donated their time, energy and objects to the auction, as well as those who purchased them! Through your generosity, the Foundation was able to raise $10,000 to be used for the benefit of the ADTA membership and to further the ADTA Foundation mission.

And without further ado, we are thrilled to announce the winners of the First Annual ADTA Foundation Auction:

  • MATT BAILEY--Braves Weekend for Two in Atlanta (Donated by: Immediate Past President Evelyn Fletcher Davis and First Man Ernie Davis)
  • MICHAEL AYLWARD--Navajo Horsehair Pottery (Donated by: President James Craig and First Lady Deborah Craig)
  • EVELYN FLETCHER DAVIS--Collectibles From Around the Country (Donated by: The Officers)
  • SARAH & DAVID  LAURITZEN--Taste of Chicago (Donated by: Executive Council Class of 2023)
  • JIM CRAIG--East-West Fishing and Hunting Package (Donated by: Executive Council Class of 2024)
  • MARK BEEBE--Chateau Montelena Estate Cabernet 10 Year Vertical, Wooden Craft Bowl, and Gourmet Treats (Donated by: Executive Committee Class of 2025)
  • QUENTIN & ANNE URQUHART--Sweet Grass Basket (Donated by: Past Presidents Committee)
  • NATALIE LEON--I Cincinnati Basket (Donated by: Immediate Past Treasurer Jennifer Mitchell)
  • QUENTIN & ANNE URQUHART--Bloody Mary Bar (Donated by: The Officers)
  • KELLY BRILLEAUX--Book Lovers Boxed Gift Basket (Donated by: Press Committee)
  • GRAY BEAUCHAMP--Trip to Santa Fe Basket (Donated by: Mentor and National Legal Issues Committees)
  • JENNIFER WHELAN--Boston Artwork (Donated by Debbie and Michael Aylward)
  • SCOTT BLINKS--Treats, Trifles and Tipple (Donated by: Membership Committee)
  • QUENTIN & ANNE URQUHART--Drinks and Dogs (Donated by: We Prefer to Refer Committee)
  •  MARK BEEBE--Leather-bound Journal/Handmade Wooden Pens, and Bottle Opener (Donated by: Diversity Committee)
  • SARAH & DAVID LAURITZEN--Taste of Italy Basket (Donated by: Immediate Past President Evelyn Fletcher Davis and President Elect Dyan Ebert)
  • HEIDI GOEBEL--Adventure Trip Basket (Donated by: Women of ADTA)
  • BRADLEY BAINS--Taste of South Carolina (Donated by: David and Josie Holler)
  • TOM & JULIA HURNEY--Cocktail Basket (Donated by: Webinar Committee)
  • MATT BAILEY--Live Like a Local (Donated by Membership Engagement/Social Media/Next Generation Committees)







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